Light-induced processes in a-Si:H films at elevated temperaturesстатья

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[1] Light-induced processes in a-si:h films at elevated temperatures / I. A. Kurova, E. V. Larina, N. N. Ormont et al. // Semiconductors. — 1997. — Vol. 31, no. 12. — P. 1257–1260. At temperatures T.120 oC the kinetics of the dark conductivity of undoped and borondoped a-Si:H films during and after the cessation of illumination is observed to be nonmonotonic, with fast and slow processes of variation of dark conductivity of opposite sign. A fast or slow relaxation process of dark conductivity described by a stretched exponential function can be isolated by varying the duration and intensity of illumination or the film temperature. The nonmonotonic relaxation of the dark conductivity is described by a sum of two stretched exponentials, whose parameters t and b depend on the film characteristics and on the temperature, exposure time, and intensity of illumination. The nature of the nonmonotonic relaxation is discussed.

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