Reconstruction of Inner Dialogue in the Psychotherapeutic Process (A Case Study)статья

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[1] Sokolova E. T., Burlakova N. S. Reconstruction of inner dialogue in the psychotherapeutic process (a case study) // Psychology in Russia State of the Art// Zinchenko Y.P., Petrenko V.F. (eds.) Scientific Yearbook. — Vol. 2. — Russian Psychological Society Moscow, 2009. — P. 413–440. Basing on Vygotsky"s cultural-historical methodology,Bakhtin's conception of inner dialogue, and same ideas of object relations theory, the authors propose an integrative approach to self-awareness in psychotherapy. Serious attention is paid to the predictors of borderline personality disorders and comorbid illnesses: pathogenic family conditions of personality development and, in consequence of them, splitting and structural distortions of self-awareness. The descriptive- analytic, semiotic and dialogical procedures of analysis of verbal communications between patient and psychotherapist were elaborated and approbated. [ DOI ]

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