Regioselective H/D exchange of propane on Zn/H-MFI zeoliteстатья

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[1] Regioselective h/d exchange of propane on zn/h-mfi zeolite / A. G. Stepanov, S. S. Arzumanov, V. N. Parmon et al. // Catalysis Letters. — 2007. — Vol. 114, no. 1-2. — P. 85–90. The hydrogen exchange for propane-d 8 adsorbed on zeolite Zn/H-MFI has been studied by1H MAS NMR spectroscopy in situ within the temperature range of 420-490 K. Kinetic measurements of the H/D exchange between the acidic hydroxyl groups of the zeolite and the adsorbed deuterated propane molecules show that only methyl groups of the alkane are involved in the exchange. Two mechanisms are proposed to rationalize the regioselectivity of the exchange: (i) propane dehydrogenation on Zn-sites followed by protonation of propene by acidic OH groups in accordance to the Markovnikov’s rule and abstraction of deuteride ion from another propane molecule; (ii) the reversible heterolytic dissociative adsorption of propane to form Zn-propyl species and acidic OH groups. © Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2007. [ DOI ]

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