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[1] Marakhtanov V. P. Archimedean force in the frozen finely-dispersed ground. — Europäische Akademie der Naturwissenschaft Hannover, Deutschland, 2017. — 22 p. The previously unknown physical essence of the nature of the cryogenic heaving forces is uncovered; it is reduced to the manifestation of the action of Newton's third law with respect to two interacting physical bodies in the “frozen-thawed system”. In this system the thawed ground exerts a force resistance to freezing, which results in the heaving of the frozen ground. Two types of freezing ground systems are distinguished: closed and open ones. In the closed systems the force resistance of thawed ground to freezing is due to the increasing pressure in it, due to the squeezing excess water during phase transitions of water into ice. In the open systems the increase of pressure in thawed ground is impossible and force resistance to freezing is realized through the Archimedean force, leading to cryogenic heaving of frozen finely-dispersed ground in case of a decrease in their density while freezing. Keywords: force cryogenic heaving, closed and open systems, the fine-dispersed ground, Newton's third law, Archimedes ' force.

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