Cryochemical Technology of Advanced Materialsкнига

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[1] Tretyakov Y. D., Oleinikov N. N., SHLYAKHTIN O. Cryochemical Technology of Advanced Materials. — United Kingdom: United Kingdom, 1997. — 304 p. A wide range of advanced materials are prepared by cryogenic processing methods (also called freeze-drying synthesis). This book focuses on the cryochemical technology of advanced inorganic materials, which has been the subject of the authors' research for many years. This book is the first in the 30-year history of this technology completely devoted to the processes and application of cryochemical synthesis. The authors also draw special attention to the fundamental aspects of cryochemical processes and their physcio-chemical background. Considerably more research has been performed on this subject in the USSR than anywhere else and this book also contains a large volume of previously unpublished scientific material. Cryochemical Technology of Advanced Materials will be of interest to materials scientists and chemical engineers, especially those working on catalysis, adsorbents, coatings powder metallurgy, semiconductors, ceramics and organic synthesis.

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