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[1] INTERACT Station Catalogue /  Elger,  Opel,  Topp-Jørgensen et al. — Danish Centre for Environment and Energy Aarhus University, Denmark, 2015. — 305 p. INTERACT stations are located in all major environmental envelopes of the Arctic providing an ideal platform for studying climate change and its impact on the environment and local communities. Since alpine environments face similar changes and challenges as the Arctic, the INTERACT network also includes some alpine stations located outside the Arctic. The INTERACT research stations provide a platform for arctic research and monitoring. Activities span from small short term research projects to larger long term monitoring programmes. The stations are thus visited by many researchers and research groups. Therefore, INTERACT has produced a catalogue of research stations including descriptions of the physical setting, facilities and services offered at the stations. It is our hope that this catalogue will help researchers identify research stations that suit their specific needs. The catalogue includes original partner stations and observer stations as of April 2012(Observer Stations are stations that have joined the network after project start). The network is still growing and you can visit our field site section to explore all the new ones along with all the others (Field sites). [ DOI ]

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