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[1] Pipeline Steels for Sour Service / I. Shabalov, Y. Matrosov, A. Kholodnyi et al. — Cham, Switzerland: Cham, Switzerland, 2019. — 209 p. The experimental results and literature data on the technology development for themanufacture of steels for pipes intended for the transport of H2S-containing oil andgas are summarized.A contemporary view of the cracking mechanisms and the factors affecting thefracture resistance of low-alloy pipe steels in H2S-containing media is presented.The methods improving the quality of continuously cast slabs and the effect ofchemical composition on the microstructure and properties of rolled pipe steels areconsidered. Much attention is paid to the physicometallurgical aspects of themicrostructure formation and to the enhancement of the mechanical properties andHIC resistance the plates produced by thermomechanical rolling with acceleratedcooling.The book is intended for engineers and researchers of metallurgical enterprisesand research institutes, for university professors, as well as for undergraduate andgraduate students of relevant specialties. [ DOI ]

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