Planar trusses: Schemes and Formulasкнига

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[1] Kirsanov M. N. Planar trusses: Schemes and Formulas. — Cambridge Scholars Publishing Lady Stephenson Library, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2PA, UK, 2019. — 206 p. The Handbook contains schemes for statically definable trusses of various shapes and formulas for calculating the deflection and forces in some rods. The most characteristic feature of the above formulas is the dependence of the solution on the number of panels. All formulas have practical value for quick, convenient and accurate calculation of truss deflection and can be applied in practice for evaluating numerical methods and calculation results in software packages based on the finite element method. Trusses are conventionally divided into chapters. The first chapter presents the simplest beam trusses with different gratings. Other chapters provide solutions for arched, externally statically indefinable and frame trusses. In addition, the Handbook shows that some trusses with a certain number of panels become kinematically variable.

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