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[1] Kouzakov K. A., Studenikin A. I. Theory of electromagnetic neutrino scattering. — Физический факультет МГУ Москва, 2018. — 65 p. This book is based on the course “Quantum Theory” (the module “Theoretical Physics”) that is a part of the Russian federal state educational standard of the higher education in the topic 011200 - Physics. Neutrino electromagnetic interactions, which open a door to the new physics beyond the Standard Model, and their effects in scattering experiments are brought into focus. A thorough account of electromagnetic interactions of massive neutrinos in the theoretical formulation of low-energy elastic neutrino-electron scattering is given. The formalism of neutrino charge, magnetic, electric, and anapole form factors defined as matrices in the mass basis is employed under the assumption of three-neutrino mixing. The flavor change of neutrinos traveling from the source to the detector is taken into account and the role of the source-detector distance is outlined. An overview of the current theoretical studies on neutrino-atom scattering processes is presented. The ionization channel of these processes, which is studied in experiments searching for neutrino magnetic moments, is inspected. Recent developments in the theory of atomic ionization by impact of reactor antineutrinos are discussed. The book is well structured, written in a simple fashion and fully corresponds to the content of the educational standard and program of this academic discipline. For university and higher-education institution students and post-graduate students specialized in physics and researchers specialized in theoretical and particle physics and all persons interested in the subject.

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