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[1] Non-singular brans-dicke-λ cosmology / D. A. Tretyakova, A. A. Shatskiy, I. D. Novikov, S. O. Alexeyev // Physical Review D. — 2012. — Vol. 85, no. 12. — P. 124059–1–124059–7. We discuss a Brans-Dicke model with a cosmological constant, negative value of the w parameter and an arbitrary (in general non-vanishing) scale factor at the Big Bang. The Friedman equations for a flat universe are considered. The current observational values for Hubble constant H_0 and deceleration parameter q_0 play the role of initial conditions. We follow the approach of [?]#123;Uehara1982} in order to solve field equations analytically. In Ref. [?]#123;Uehara1982} only positive values of w were considered, we extend the study to a complete set of possible w values. Our main result is that the scale factor (during it's evolution back in time direction) may not vanish, unlike in the standard ΛCDM case. In other words, the considered model demonstrates a cosmological bounce instead of the initial singularity. The famous formula ((ref)DOI ]

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