Exploring the Peculiarities of LiFePO4 Hydrothermal Synthesis Using In Situ Calvet Calorimetryстатья

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[1] Exploring the peculiarities of lifepo4 hydrothermal synthesis using in situ calvet calorimetry / F. Y. Sharikov, O. A. Drozhzhin, V. D. Sumanov et al. // Crystal Growth and Design. — 2018. — Vol. 18, no. 2. — P. 879–882. Peculiarities of the hydrothermal synthesis of the lithium iron phosphate cathode material are studied using in situ Calvet calorimetry. Staging and temperature intervals of the phase formation process are determined as a function of the concentration of the initial reagents. Obtained results revealed a clear correlation between observed heat absorption behavior and lattice parameters, morphology, and electrochemical performance of the obtained LiFePO4 materials. Lowering temperature of the precursor dehydration leads to better Li/Fe ordering, smaller particle size of LiFePO4 samples, and the highest charge–discharge capacity measured in the Li-ion cell. [ DOI ]

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