Effect of Impact Angle on the Erosion Rate of Coherent Granular Soil, with a Chernozemic Soil as an Exampleстатья Перевод

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[1] Effect of impact angle on the erosion rate of coherent granular soil, with a chernozemic soil as an example / G. A. Larionov, O. G. Bushueva, A. V. Gorobets et al. // Eurasian Soil Science. — 2018. — Vol. 51, no. 2. — P. 251–254. It has been shown in experiments in a hydraulic flume with a knee-shaped bend that the rate of soil erosion more than doubles at the flow impact angles to the channel side from 0o to 50o. At higher channel bends, the experiment could not be performed because of backwater. Results of erosion by water stream approaching the sample surface at angles between 2o and 90o are reported. It has been found that the maximum erosion rate is observed at flow impact angles of about 45o, and the minimum rate at 90o. The minimum soil erosion rate is five times lower than the maximum erosion rate. This is due to the difference in the rate of free water penetration into the upper soil layer, and the impact of the hydrodynamic pressure, which is maximum at the impact angle of 90o. The penetration of water into the interaggregate space results in the breaking of bonds between aggregates, which is the main condition for the capture of particles by the flow. [ DOI ]

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