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[1] Temperature evolution of the structure of liquid-crystalline main-chain copolyesters / E. M. Antipov, S. D. Artamonova, I. A. Volegova et al. // ACS symposium series. American Chemical Society. — 1996. — Vol. 632. — P. 259–303. Here we report the result of the X-ray scattering study in a wide temperature range of oriented samples of rigid-chain wholly aromatic random copolyesters of different chemical composition. It is common in these materials that segregated, layered structures already exist in the non-crystalline state of the original samples (as-spun fibers) and also coexist together with the crystalline phase developed during anneling, when the crystalliation is completed. In order words, pre equilibrium structure of the material contains crystalline regions within either a periodic or aperiodic LC smectic matrix depending on, whether the monomer unit lengths are the same or different, respectively. [ DOI ]

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