SS-HORSE Method for Analysis of Resonances: Charged-Particle Scatteringстатья

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[1] Ss-horse method for analysis of resonances: Charged-particle scattering / L. D. Blokhintsev, A. I. Mazur, I. A. Mazur et al. // Physics of Atomic Nuclei. — 2017. — Vol. 80, no. 6. — P. 1093–1105. The method for analyzing resonance states based on the harmonic-oscillator representation of scattering equations (HORSE) and on analytic properties of partial-wave scattering amplitudes which has been proposed earlier, is generalized to the case of charged-particle scattering. The method in question is tested by applying it to the model problem of pα scattering and can be used to study resonance states on the basis of microscopic calculations within various versions of the shell model. [ DOI ]

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