Determination of the Boundary Transition Temperatures in Polypropylene on the Basis of Measurements in the Terahertz Bandстатья

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[1] Determination of the boundary transition temperatures in polypropylene on the basis of measurements in the terahertz band / M. S. Kitai, M. M. Nazarov, P. M. Nedorezova, A. P. Shkurinov // RADIOPHYSICS AND QUANTUM ELECTRONICS. — 2017. — Vol. 60, no. 5. — P. 409–416. We propose a method for determination of the boundary temperatures of transitions in the structure of polymers by means of analyzing the refractive index of these materials in the terahertz band. The temperatures of glass transition, crystallization, and melting are determined experimentally for isotactic and syndiotactic polypropylenes. Such polymers have low absorption coefficients in the terahertz band. The behavior of intermolecular oscillations of the macromolecules, which are active in polymer spectra in this frequency band, is analyzed. [ DOI ]

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