Liquid Filament Microrheometer and Some of Its Applicationsстатья

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[1] Bazilevsky A. V., Entov V. M., Rozhkov A. N. Liquid filament microrheometer and some of its applications // Third European Rheology Conference and Golden Jubilee Meeting of the British Society of Rheology. — Springer Netherlands, 1990. — P. 41–43. Liquid filament microrheometer (LFM) is a device using the ability of dilute and semidilute polymeric solutions to form very thin stable filaments. It allows to measure relaxation times of order of 0.01–1.0 sec using very small quantities of polymer solution (one drop or 0.01 cu. cm approximately) and rather quickly (a few seconds per measurement). It makes it possible to follow time variation of properties of polymer solutions, polymer degradation processes etc. The LFM apparatus and a number of its applications are discussed in some detail. [ DOI ]

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