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[1] Tarasov V. P., Kirakosyan G. A., German K. E. Oxygen isotope effect on nmr parameters of pertechnetate anion tco 4 - // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B. — 2015. — Vol. 9, no. 2. — P. 185–192. The effects of oxygen isotope substitution 16O ↔ 17O ↔ 18O in the coordination sphere of the pertechnetate anion ( ) on the NMR 99Tc chemical shifts and 99Tc–17O and 17O–99Tc spin coupling constants have been studied by 17O and 99Tc NMR. The isotope shifts 16/17Δ and 16/18Δ in 99Tc NMR and the spin coupling constants of the Tc 16O3 18O–, Tc 16O3 17O–, Tc 16O2 17O 18O–, and isotopomers have been measured. For the Tc 16O3 18O– and Tc 16O3 17O– anions in an ammonium pertechnetate solution, the temperature dependences of the isotope shift in the temperature range 278–333 K are described by linear relationships 16/18Δ = –0.616 + 6.45 × 10–4T (ppm) and 16/17 Δ = –0.302 +2.67 × 10–4T (ppm), respectively. For the Tc16O3 17O– anion in a sodium pertechnetate solution, the magnitude of the 1Δ(16/17O) isotope shift nonlinearly decreases with increasing temperature. The nonlinear temperature dependence of the J(99Tc–17O) spin coupling constant and the extreme point on the curve of the 1Δ(16/18O) isotope shift versus temperature for the isotopomers in an NaTcO4 solution are presumably related to equilibrium between contact and waterseparated ion pairs. [ DOI ]

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