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[1] Sputtering of mo and al in d2/n2 plasma cleaning discharge / V. L. Bukhovets, A. E. Gorodetsky, R. K. Zalavutdinov et al. // NUCLEAR MATERIALS AND ENERGY. — 2017. — Vol. 12. — P. 458–461. Sputtering of Mo and Al (as Be proxy) in mixed D2/N2 DC glow discharge was studied in view of the first mirror performance. The composition of the working gas was varied from 100% D2 to 100% N2, while keeping a total pressure of 15 Pa. The ion energies striking the sample surface were defined by its 100 V biasing negative to a floating potential. It has been obtained that the sputtering yield of Mo and Al increases gradually with N2 concentration up to 4‒16 mol% and decreases with further N2 addition. In contrast, the sputtering yield of Be remains unchanged up to 10 mol% of N2. Adding 16 mol% leads to three-fold decrease in the sputtering rate. The sputtering behavior is discussed in context of surface data analysis and mass spectroscopy of the discharge gas exhaust. Variation in reflectivity of a single crystalline Mo due to plasma exposure under similar conditions is also presented and discussed. [ DOI ]

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