The Influence of the Magnetic Field on Electrically Induced Domain Wall Motionстатья

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[1] The influence of the magnetic field on electrically induced domain wall motion / D. A. Sechin, E. P. Nikolaeva, A. P. Pyatakov et al. // Solid State Phenomena. — 2015. — Vol. 233. — P. 443–446. Domain walls in iron garnet films demonstrate magnetoelectric properties that manifest themselves as a displacement induced by inhomogeneous electric field. In this paper the results of the study of electric field induced domain wall dynamics and its dependence on external magnetic field are presented. The measured velocity of the electrically induced domain wall motion increased by an order with the magnetic field applied perpendicular to the domain wall plane. The numerical simulation shows that the observed behaviour of the domain wall can be explained by magnetic field induced modification of its internal micromagnetic structure and enhancement of the electric polarization associated with the wall. [ DOI ]

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