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[1] Selection of the sorbent for separation of curium and americium by sorption technique / V. Gelis, O. Kharitonov, L. Firsova et al. // Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation. Thirteenth Information Exchange Meeting. Seoul, Republic of Korea, 23-26 September 2014. — OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2015. — P. 345–353. In this study 17 samples of sulphocationites with varying sizes grain granulation have been tested. It is shown that on monodisperse sorbents graining 0.5-0.75 mm effective separation of REE does not occur. In this case tailings are formed due to the significant internal diffusion effect. At the same time efficient separation is observed on monodisperse sorbents grain size less than 0.3 mm. Based on the results of the studies, the Purolite PCR 833 , Purolite PCR642H, AmberliteCR1320K, AmberliteCR1310Na, KU-2×4 and KU-2×8 could be recommended for separation Cm, Am and REE. For all samples the radiation stability is comparable with sulphocationite KU-2x8. [ DOI ]

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