Contribution to the flora of Asian and European countries: new national and regional vascular plant records, 7статья

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[1] Contribution to the flora of asian and european countries: new national and regional vascular plant records, 7 / M. Nobis, G. Domina, M. Meço et al. // Botany Letters. — 2018. — Vol. 165, no. 2. — P. 200–222. The paper presents new records for 29 vascular plant species from 12 Eurasian countries. Seven taxa (Agave sisalana, Austrocylindropuntia subulata, Lagurus ovatus subsp. nanus, Opuntia stricta, Orobanche serbica, Oxalis articulata, Vitis × instabilis) are reported from Albania, one (Allium carinatum) from the Europaean part of Russia, six (Dipsacus fullonum, Gagea shmakoviana, Mentha × dalmatica, Thymus indigirkensis, Thymus sergievskajae, Viola × sukaczewii) from the Asian part of Russia, two (Agrostis sozanensis, Poa mustangensis) from China, two (Carex muskingumensis, Sedum rubens) from Poland, two (Crataegus macrocarpa, Dactylorhiza lapponica) from Romania, two (Oxygraphis delavayi, Ranunculus eryuanensis) from Nepal, two (Erigeron bonariensis, Ophioglossum vulgatum) from Tajikistan, one (Ranunculus olgae) from Kazakhstan, one (Najas guadelupensis) from Hungary, one (Orobanche bartlingii) from Armenia, one (Crataegus petrodavisii) from Azerbaijan and one (Amaranthus powellii) from Georgia. For each species, synonyms, general distribution, habitat preferences, taxonomy with remarks on recognition, and differentiation the species from the most similar taxa occurring in a given country, as well as a list of recorded localities (often far from the previously known areas) are presented. [ DOI ]

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