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[1] Mustguseal: a server for multiple structure-guided sequence alignment of protein families / D. A. Suplatov, K. E. Kopylov, N. N. Popova et al. // Bioinformatics. — 2018. — Vol. 34, no. 9. — P. 1583–1585. The Mustguseal web-server can automatically build large structure-based sequence alignments of functionally diverse protein families basing on all available information about their structures and sequences in public databases. Superimposition of protein structures is implemented to compare distant evolutionary relatives, whereas alignment of sequences is used to compare close homologs. The final alignment can be downloaded for a local use or operated on-line with the built-in interactive tools and further submitted to the integrated sister services of Mustguseal to analyze conserved, subfamily-specific, and co-evolving residues at studying a protein function and regulation, designing improved enzyme variants for practical applications and selective ligands to modulate functional properties of proteins. Freely available on the web at [ DOI ]

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