New sight at the forecast of Earthquakes; 0.1 п/л; Тираж: 500(тезисы)тезисы доклада

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Работа с тезисами доклада

[1] Rukin M. D., Chernyaev A. F. New sight at the forecast of earthquakes; 0.1 п/л; Тираж: 500(тезисы) // Fundamental problems in natural sciences and engineering. — Т. 1 из сейсмология. — Международный конгресс Санкт-Петербург, 2012. — С. 53–54. Experiment, on weighing throughouta year the bodies,lead in HPO "Quantum-Elemet" in 2005-06 N.S.Lidorenko's department has shown, that weight of all weighed bodies, regularly changes. These variations occur in the fourth and even in the third sign after a comma. And variation of weight correlates with a finding of the Earth in various points of an orbit. And it is meant, that with a planet, during mmovement on an orbit, is deformed under influence of a gravitational field of the Sun. The physical subject matters located on a surface of the Earth are proportionally deformed also all. In 2009-11 experiment has been repeated in Mowscow State University of a name of M.V.Lomonosopv and received in npo results hafe proved to be true. Preoceeding from them, the assumption has been made that deformations of deep structures of the Earth in places of developing earthquake are accompanied by occurrence of the local gravitational field wich changes can be fixed seismographs wich two suspension brackets from the various materials placed on a uniform grid in seismically active areas of a planet.

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