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[1] Yakovenko N. V., Markov D. S., Turkina E. P. The experience of creating the geo information system for water-lake landscapes of the ivanovo region // Ecology, Environment and Conservation. — 2015. — no. 21. — P. 111–119. At the present development stage of geo-ecological knowledge on water-lake landscapes of the region, historical and geographic information is presented very poorly; it is not systematized and poorly accessible to potential customers (administrations, scientists, teachers, students, local historians and others). Establishment of an integrated geographic information system database will solve the problem of integrating research on water-lake landscapes in the historical-geographical aspect. In particular, the created underwater topography digital model of the reservoirs can serve as a basis for monitoring erosion processes, eutrophication and habitats analysis of rare species of plants. According to the materials of field studies and analysis of Earth remote sensing data, the attribute tables are filled with specialized thematic GIS Lakes of the Ivanovo region”, which includes more than 20 parameters. It displays the maps of the Ivanovo region lakes on different scales, presents the information layer-by-layer (96 thematic layers), displays attributes, provides search request, and calculates characteristics of landscape maps.

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