Comparison of the Plasma Pressure Distributions over the Equatorial Plane and at Low Altitudes under Magnetically Quiet Conditionsстатья

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[1] Comparison of the plasma pressure distributions over the equatorial plane and at low altitudes under magnetically quiet conditions / E. E. Antonova, V. G. Vorobjev, I. P. Kirpichev, O. I. Yagodkina // Geomagnetism and Aeronomy. — 2014. — Vol. 54, no. 3. — P. 278–281. The distribution of plasma pressure over the equatorial plane is compared with the plasma pressure and the position of the electron precipitation boundaries at low altitudes under the conditions of low geomagnetic activity. The pressure at the equatorial plane is determined using data of the THEMIS international five satellite mission; the pressure at low altitudes, using data of the DMSP satellites. Plasma pressure isotropy and the validity of the condition of the magnetostatic equilibrium at a low level of geomagnetic activity are taken into account. Plasma pressure in such a case is constant along the magnetic field line and can be considered a “natural tracer” of the field line. It is shown that the plasma ring surrounding the Earth at geocentric distances of ∼6 to ∼10–12RE is the main source of the precipitations in the auroral oval. [ DOI ]

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