Multifunctional Properties Related to Magnetostructural Transitions in Ternary and Quaternary Heusler alloysстатья

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[1] Multifunctional properties related to magnetostructural transitions in ternary and quaternary heusler alloys / I. Dubenko, A. Quetz, S. Pandey et al. // Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. — 2015. — Vol. 383. — P. 186–189. In thisreport,the results of a study on the effects of compositional variations induced by the small changes in concentrations of the parent components and/or by the substitution of Ni,Mn,orIn by an extra element Z,on the phase transitions,and phenomena related to the magnetostructural transitions in off-stoichiometric Ni–Mn–In based Heusler alloys are summarized. [ DOI ]

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