Luminescent Glass-Ceramics Based on Nanoparticles of BaxRE1-xF2+x and PbxRE1-xF2+x Solid Solutions into Fluoroborateстатья Исследовательская статья

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[1] Luminescent glass-ceramics based on nanoparticles of baxre1-xf2+x and pbxre1-xf2+x solid solutions into fluoroborate / P. Olga, S. Tatjana, K. Andrew, A. Igor // Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials. — 2018. — P. 1700446. Lead-barium fluoroborate glasses doped with RE are synthesized. Using the heat-treatment (HT) glass-ceramics in which RE3þ (Eu3þ or Er3þ) ions are building into fluoride crystalline nanoparticles homogeneously distributed in the borate glass matrix are made. The changes in the structural and optical properties of the glass-ceramics comparatively to initial glasses and polycrystalline fluoride containing Pb, Ba, and RE are revealed by X-ray diffraction and luminescence spectroscopy of RE ions. [ DOI ]

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