Etching low-k films by F atoms: Inside viewстатья

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[1] Etching low-k films by f atoms: Inside view / A. P. Palov, T. V. Rakhimova, E. N. Voronina, Y. A. Mankelevich // Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A. — 2018. — Vol. 36, no. 2. — P. 02C103. The multi-step reactions mechanism of F atoms interaction with SiOCH low-κ dielectric films, developed on the base of the measured evolution of various surface groups (e.g. Si-CH3) and systematic DFT quantum mechanical calculations, was incorporated into the three-dimensional Monte Carlo model of the damage and etching processes. The model is realized on model maps of porous films and allows us to obtain dynamic 3-D images of etching porous films and a layer by layer distribution of components that are formed during the etching. Comparison of calculated etching rates of SiOx matrix by fluorine atoms with the experimental data is used to determine the effective etching probabilities (reciprocal values of F atoms collisions with SiOx matrix groups that are required to remove one of them). The detailed space-resolved dynamics of damage and etching processes of low-κ films with different parameters (porosity, pore and inter-pore channels sizes, dielectric permittivity) was obtained and discussed. [ DOI ]

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