Lingularia Biernat et Emig, 1993 from the Upper Jurassic of Western Siberia: Larval and Embrionic Shells and Shell Microstructureстатья

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[1] Lingularia biernat et emig, 1993 from the upper jurassic of western siberia: Larval and embrionic shells and shell microstructure / T. N. Smirnova, G. T. Ushatinskaya, E. A. Zhegallo, I. V. Panchenko // Paleontological Journal. — 2015. — Vol. 49, no. 2. — P. 125–133. Remains of organophosphatic brachiopods of the order Lingulida have been found in the Upper Jurassic of Central West Siberian basin in the Shirotnoe Priob'e area (latitudinally Ob river region), in the 15-m thick boundary deposits between the Bazhenov and Abalak formations. A new species, Lingularia salymica Smirnova, sp. nov., is established; its embryonic and larval shells, impressions of the bundless of setae of the larval shell, and shell microstructure are described. Impressions of the cuboidal cells of the mantle outer epithelium were found on the inner surface of the dorsal valve.

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