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[1] Zhuravlev V. P., Klimov D. M., Plotnikov P. K. A new model of shimmy // Mechanics of Solids. — 2013. — Vol. 48, no. 5. — P. 490–499. Shimmy is the phenomenon of intensive angular self-excited vibrations of a vehicle wheel. Such self-excited vibrations seriously threaten the safety ofmotion, which explains scientists' profound interest in this phenomenon. This problem is most serious for the front wheels of aircraft. Tyre deformation is usually viewed to be the main cause of shimmy. Without casting doubt on this point, we still note that this is not the only cause. The shimmy phenomenon can also be observed in everyday life and for various hand carts, where any reference to tyre elasticity is most often irrelevant if the wheels are rigid. We show that the polycomponent dry friction theory can completely explain the shimmy phenomenon for absolutely rigidwheels and hence polycomponent dry friction is at least one of its causes in the general case. Dry friction has been neglected by scientists when explaining shimmy because dry friction theory has not been sufficiently well developed until recently; at the same time, shimmy cannot be explained in the framework of earlier conceptions. [ DOI ]

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