Temperature and Time Effects on the Acid Corrosion of Steel in the Presence of Acetylenic Inhibitorстатья

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[1] Podobaev N. I., Avdeev Y. G. Temperature and time effects on the acid corrosion of steel in the presence of acetylenic inhibitor // Protection of Metals. — 2001. — Vol. 37, no. 6. — P. 529–533. Potentiostatic and gravimetric methods were used to reveal that the inhibition effect of acetylenic inhibitors (namely propargyl alcohol and propargyl chloride) on the electrode processes of iron and steel corrosion in hydrochloric and sulfuric acids grows with time and temperature, owing to the formation of a polymeric film on the metal surface. In sulfuric acid, propargyl alcohol is easily hydrogenated to give removable reduction products, which lowers its protection effect on steel corrosion. [ DOI ]

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