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[1] Advanced methods of low cost mission design for jovian moons exploration / A. V. Grushevskii, Y. F. Golubev, V. V. Koryanov et al. // Proc. Of 26-th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics. — — Matsuyama, Japan, 2017. The reduction of the spacecraft’s (SC) asymptotic velocity and the radiation hazard are really main problems for low-Delta V cost Jovian moons missions: orbiters and landers. Algorithm to overcome the obstruction of solo disturbances for one-body flybys around some Jovian moon with using full ephemeris with two coupled CR3BP engaging has been implemented. The region where the total received radiation dose (TID) exceeds is skirted along the upper section of Tisserand-Poincare graph. Withal low-cost reduction of the SC asymptotic velocity is required for rendezvous with small body. It became possible to find such scenarios when restricted three body problem is transformed into the two-coupled CR3BP models and full ephemeris model. Advanced Multi-Tisserand coordinates has been exploit for parametric passage into this region. With their help it is shown that the cross gravity assists at the early stage of reduction of the orbital period are required. As a result, a reasonable increase in the duration of the mission can be exchanged on a sharp decline TID and found comfortable (in TID) rounds scenario in the system (less than 70 krad for standard SC protection 8-10 mm Al). This will provide significant gains in the payload for spacecraft missions in Jovian system and systems of other outer planets and improving the reliability of their scientific instruments.

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