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[1] Sabirov D. S., Bulgakov R. G., Khursanb S. L. Indices of the fullerenes reactivity // ARKIVOC. — 2011. — Vol. 2011, no. 8. — P. 200–224. The review summarizes articles devoted to studies of fullerenes reactivity by quantum-chemical methods using of diverse reactivity indices, e.g. heats of reactions, activation energies, spin densities, pyramidality angles. Among them we can elect both approaches that have been used for the other organic compounds earlier (e.g., comparative bond orders analysis) and approaches being used for fullerenes and nanotubes only (curvature and polarizability indices).The prognostic potential of the mentioned approaches as well the trends of their application and further development are considered. © ARKAT-USA, Inc. [ DOI ]

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