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[1] Master: 2 flares at the sdss galaxy / V. Vladimirov, V. M. Lipunov, E. S. Gorbovskoy et al. // The Astronomer’s Telegram. — 2015. — Vol. 7297, no. 1. MASTER OT J113003.04+280647.6 discovery - 2 flares in the SDSS (galaxy?) MASTER-Kislovodsk auto-detection system ( Lipunov et al., Advances in Astronomy, MASTER Global Robotic Net, 2010 ) discovered OT source at (RA, Dec) = 11h 30m 03.04s +28d 06m 47.6s on 2015-03-25.80142 UT. The OT unfiltered magnitude is 18.4m (the limit is 19.4m). The OT is seen in 4 images. There is no minor planet at this place. We have about 200 reference images without OT up to 19-21.5 in MASTER-Kislovodsk, Tunka and Amur databases from 2009 to 2015, for ex. on 2012-03-19.91296 UT with 20.2 unfiltered magnitude limit. There is J113003.05+280647.7 SDSS galaxy(Rel.7, Rel.9) with g=22.526 and r=22.073. And in this case our OT is superluminous SN. But. But we have 2 images in MASTER-Kislovodsk database on 2010-11-21 01:37:20.261 and 2010-11-21 02:23:12.639 with this OT, m_OT=17.7 . So this SDSS galaxy should be a star and OT should be a Dwarf Nova flare (UG). Spectral observations are required. The discovery and reference images are available at:

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