Cosmic ray effect on the X-ray Trigger Telescope of UFFO/Lomonosov using YSO scintillation crystal array in spaceстатья

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[1] Cosmic ray effect on the x-ray trigger telescope of uffo/lomonosov using yso scintillation crystal array in space / M. B. Kim, S. Jeong, H. M. Jeong et al. // Proceeding of the 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference - ICRC2017. — Vol. 301 of Proceedings of Science. — Italy: Italy, 2017. — P. id.218. UFFO Burst Alert and Trigger telescope (UBAT) is the X-ray trigger telescope of UFFO/Lomonosov to localize X-ray source with coded mask method and X-ray detector. Its X-ray detector is made up of 36 8×8 pixels Yttrium OxyorthoSilicate (Y2SiO5:Ce, YSO) scintillation crystal arrays and 36 64-channel Multi-Anode PhotoMultiplier Tubes (MAPMTs) for space mission. Its effective detection area is 161cm2 and energy range is several keV to 150 keV. It was successfully launched in April 28, 2016. In several calibration run, we got several X-ray background data. We already knew X-ray background flux is 2-3 counts/cm2/sec in space. However our X-ray background data shows approximately 7-8 times higher than what we know. There are many candidates to explain high X-ray background count in space. One of candidates is cosmic ray. We will report cosmic ray effect on the X-ray detector using YSO scintillation crystal arrays in space.

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