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[1] Lifting of polynomial symplectomorphisms and deformation quantization / K.-B. Alexei, G. Sergey, E. Andrey et al. // Communications in Algebra. — 2018. — Vol. 46, no. 9. — P. 3926–3938. We study the problem of lifting of polynomial symplectomorphisms in characteristic zero to automorphisms of the Weyl algebra by means of approximation by tame automorphisms. In 1983, D. Anick's got the fundamental result on approximation of polynomial automorphisms. We obtain similar approximation theorems for symplectomorphisms and Weyl algebra autho- morphisms. We formulate the lifting problem. We prove possibility to lift symplectomorphism on the pseudodi erential operators or formal power series respect to H. The lifting problem has its origins in the context of deformation quantization of the ane space and is closely related to several major open problems in algebraic geometry and ring theory. [ DOI ]

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