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[1] Gupta S., Filimonov D., Barsoum M. W. Isothermal oxidation of ta2alc in air // Journal of the American Ceramic Society. — 2006. — Vol. 89, no. 9. — P. 2974–2976. The oxidation behavior, in air, of bulk polycrystalline Ta2AlC samples was studied in the 600 degrees-900 degrees C temperature range. A protective, essentially X-ray amorphous, oxide layer-which does not appear to be resistant to thermal cycling-forms at 600 degrees C. This layer is comprised of Ta, Al, and O. At 700 degrees C and above, it is compositionally quite uniform, but porous and highly cracked. No phase separation was observed at the micrometer scale. The oxide layers consisted of the crystalline phases, Ta2O5 and TaAlO4, and an X-ray amorphous phase. In the 700 degrees-900 degrees C temperature range, the oxidation kinetics were found to be linear. [ DOI ]

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