Influence of Tb on structure and properties of Fe-19%Ga and Fe-27%Ga alloysстатья

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[1] Influence of tb on structure and properties of fe-19%ga and fe-27%ga alloys / I. S. Golovin, A. M. Balagurov, V. V. Palacheva et al. // Journal of Alloys and Compounds. — 2017. — Vol. 707. — P. 51–56. Influence of microalloying by Tb on structure and some properties of Fe-19%Ga and Fe-27%Ga type alloys is studied. 0.1%Tb increases magnetostriction of water quenched Fe-19%Ga alloy with A2 structure from 120 to 210 ppm (1.75-fold). Slow cooling decreases magnetostriction in both Tb-free and Tb-doped alloys. Microalloying by Tb increases magnetostriction and influences on phase transitions in the Fe-27Ga type alloys in the range of 20e750 C as observed by in situ neutron diffraction and vibrating sample magnetometry. The conventional transition sequence of phase transitions at heating D03/L12/D019 /B2/A2 in binary Fe-27Ga is changed for D03/B2/B2 þ L12/B2 þ D019/B2/A2 transitions in the Tb-containing alloy. The increase in Tb content from 0.15% to 0.3% decreases the amount of closed packed phases. At slow cooling (2 K/min), the mixture of D03 þ L12 is recorded in the Tb-containing sample instead of dominating L12(∼90%) and a very limited amount of D019 and A2 phases in the binary Fe-27Ga alloy. This influence of Tb on the phase transition kinetics explains temperature dependent magnetization curves with step by step accumulation of the L12 phase in subsequent heating and cooling cycles. Thus, we conclude that the additions of Tb stabilize bcc-born phases (A2, B2 and D03) and prevents the appearance of closed packed (fcc ordered L12 and hcp ordered D019) phases, which contributes to the functional properties of that alloys.

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