Rare Earth Metal Complexes with 5,5′-Bitetrazolate Ligand: Synthesis, Structure, Luminescent Properties, and Combustion Catalysisстатья

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[1] Rare earth metal complexes with 5,5′-bitetrazolate ligand: Synthesis, structure, luminescent properties, and combustion catalysis / G. Chesnokov, M. Topchiy, A. Asachenko et al. // European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. — 2018. — P. 805–815. A complete series of complexes of lanthanides and yttrium (except radioactive Pm) with BT2- ligand were synthesized from sodium5,5'-bitetrazolate and available REE salts. Eight new complexes were structurally characterized by single-crystal XRD. [M(BT)(H2O)7]2[BT]·6H2O, (M=Pr (1), Gd (2)) complexes are isomorphous and consist of [M(BT)(H2O)7]+ ions in which only one BT2- acts as a chelate ligand for each metal center. The complexes, [M(H2O)8]2[BT]3·4H2O (M=Y (3), Dy (4), Ho (5), Tm (6), Yb (7), Lu (8)) are salt-like compounds that do not exhibit any significant metal-nitrogen contacts. Luminescence studies revealed that luminescence spectroscopy is very informative in determining the number of inner sphere coordinated water molecules in solid samples. Despite low luminescence intensity due to high hydrate composition, the internal quantum yield of deuterated europium complex reached 44%. Catalytic activity of the 5,5'-bitetrazolate salts in decomposition and combustion reactions of energetic materials were tested. While no effect found on nitramine (HMX) explosive, the impact on thermolysis of ammonium perchlorate (AP) was established. Thus, addition of 5% [Dy(H2O)8]2[BT]3·4H2O drops the temperature of maximal reaction rate in 100oC. The catalytic effect during combustion is apparently masked by inhibitory water influence, however for [Pr(BT)(H2O)7]2[BT]·6H2O the 20% increase in the AP burning rate was obtained. [ DOI ]

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