Beyond Galbraith: Creatosphere, Market and Corporations in the Beginning of the Twenty First Century (Galbraith's Legacy from the Post-Soviet Critical Marxist Perspective)статья

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[1] Buzgalin A., Kolganov A. Beyond galbraith: Creatosphere, market and corporations in the beginning of the twenty first century (galbraith's legacy from the post-soviet critical marxist perspective) // Galbraith Restored / Ed. by Sergey Bodrunov. — St. Petersburg-Moscow: INID-Kul'turnaya revolyutsiya, 2017. — P. 155–215. ABSTRACT: Three main lines of research from J.K.Galbraith book The New Industrial State are considered in this paper: key role of the development of industrial technologies in the evolution of economic system; large corporations' potential for exerting regulatory influence upon the market and consumer behavior; origins of the 'planning system'. Within each of these three areas the authors analyze the shifts in the economic life which have occured since the publication of Galbraith's book and arrive at the conclusion that charachteristics of post-capitalist relations are developing at an accelerating pace. KEYWORDS: technologies, large corporations, capital, market, state, regulation, planning, post-capitalist relations.

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