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[1] Echkina E. Y., Inovenkov I. N., Nefedov V. V. Magnetic reconnection in terms of catastrophe theory // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. — 2017. — Vol. 936, no. 1. — P. 012018. Magnetic field line reconnection (magnetic reconnection) is a phenomenon that occurs in space and laboratory plasma. Magnetic reconnection allows both the change the magnetic topology and the conversion of the magnetic energy into energy of fast particles. The critical point (critical line or plane in higher dimensional cases) of the magnetic field play an important role in process of magnetic reconnection, as in its neighborhood occurs a change of its topology of a magnetic field and redistribution of magnetic field energy. A lot of literature is devoted to the analytical and numerical investigation of the reconnection process. The main result of these investigations as the result of magnetic reconnection the current sheet is formed and the magnetic topology is changed. While the studies of magnetic reconnection in 2D and 3D configurations have a led to several important results, many questions remain open, including the behavior of a magnetic field in the neighborhood of a critical point of high order. The magnetic reconnection problem is closely related to the problem of the structural stability of vector fields. Since the magnetic field topology changes during both spontaneous and induced magnetic reconnection, it is natural to expect that the magnetic field should evolve from a structurally unstable into a structurally stable configuration. Note that, in this case, the phenomenon under analysis is more complicated since, during magnetic reconnection in a highly conducting plasma, we deal with the non-linear interaction between two vector fields: the magnetic field and the field of the plasma velocities. The aim of our article is to consider the process of magnetic reconnection and transformation of the magnetic topology from the viewpoint of catastrophe theory. Bifurcations in similar configurations (2D magnetic configuration with null high order point) with varying parameters were thoroughly discussed in a monograph by Poston and Stewart. [ DOI ]

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