On the Possibility of Chiral Structure-Density Submillimeter Inhomogeneities Existing in Waterстатья

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[1] On the possibility of chiral structure-density submillimeter inhomogeneities existing in water / V. V. Goncharuk, A. V. Syroeshkin, T. V. Pleteneva et al. // Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology. — 2017. — Vol. 39, no. 6. — P. 319–324. The existence of stable formations representing submillimeter density inhomogeneities in aqueous solutions was confirmed by using the laser light diffraction (LALLS) method and also the dynamic (DLS) and two-dimensional light scattering methods. The effect of low angle light scattering by giant water clusters depends on the presence of ions or dissolved substances in water solution, and also on the concentration of deuterium (heavy hydrogen isotope). It has been shown that the reduction of deuterium concentration results in the reduction of light scattering ability of protein nanoparticle preparations and water. The formation of long-living discrete water cluster structures possessing chiral properties was substantiated for explaining the manifestation of effects of weak impacts and low concentrations on biological objects. [ DOI ]

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