Physicochemical Parameters and Geochemical Features of Fluids of Precamrbian Gold Depositsстатья

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[1] Prokofiev V. Y., Naumov V. B., Mironova O. F. Physicochemical parameters and geochemical features of fluids of precamrbian gold deposits // Geochemistry International. — 2017. — Vol. 55, no. 12. — P. 1047–1065. This paper analyzes literature data on physicochemical parameters and chemical composition of fluids of Precambrian endogenous gold deposits. The average values and ranges of temperature, pressure, and salinity of fluids from the Archean and Proterozoic gold deposits are estimated. It is revealed that fluids of Archean deposits are dominated by methane, while those of Proterozoic deposits, by nitrogen. It is proposed that the accumulation of nitrogen in the atmosphere is related to the intense nitrogen degassing from the Earth’s interior. The highest pressures of endogenous fluids in this period could reflect specifics of deep geodynamics of the planet in the Proterozoic. The large gold deposits (>100 tons) are characterized by narrower range of physicochemical parameters as compared to small deposits. The contribution of heated chloride brines in the formation of majority of large Proterozoic deposits is established. [ DOI ]

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