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[1] Kotenev V. A., Tyrin D. N., Tsivadze A. Y. Phase nanotomography in the superficial layers // Protection of Metals. — 2008. — Vol. 44, no. 5. — P. 455–462. A method of phase nanotomography and spectral multiplexing for a nondestructive monitoring of the nanoscale disturbance of refractive index distribution across the nonuniform near-electrode layer at a metal/solution interface is analyzed. It is shown that the amplitude Fourier-spectroscopy of reflection from the nonuniform near-electrode layer with a weak (nanoscale) disturbance of the complex refractive index profile, and weak optical parameters dispersion makes one realize the multiplex principle of measuring and reconstructing the refractive index (and hence, the concentration) distribution across the near-electrode solution layer by using either interference pattern or additional Fourier-transform. Combining the multiplex reconstruction of a three-dimensional profile of the dissolved-products layer and the standard Fourier-spectroscopy allows in situ controlling both the metal dissolution intensity at any point of its surface and the metal dissolution product composition over each section of the near-electrode layer. [ DOI ]

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