Fiber-Optical Spectroscopy for Monitoring the Electro-Oxidation of Metalsстатья

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[1] Kotenev V. A., Tsivadze A. Y. Fiber-optical spectroscopy for monitoring the electro-oxidation of metals // Measurement Techniques. — 2014. — Vol. 56, no. 10. — P. 1134–1139. A method of investigating phase-nonuniform metal-oxide surface layers using a fiber-optic spectrometer is presented. The reflection coefficients of the metal at different wavelengths are processed by algorithms of spectrotomography, modified to reflectometry, which enables the thickness and chemical composition of the nonuniform surface layers to be monitored. An example of a calculation of the parameters of oxide films on the surface of Fe-18Cr alloy, processed in a furnace and by electrical-contact heating, is given. [ DOI ]

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