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[1] Geomorphologic map of the 1st mutnaya river, southeastern kamchatka, russia / G. Romanescu, S. Chalov, C. Stoleriu et al. // Journal of Mountain Science. — 2017. — Vol. 14, no. 12. The Kamchatka Peninsula – situated in the Pacific “Ring of Fire” – has 29 active and over 400 extinct volcanoes. Since it is situated in the northeastern extremity of Russia, in subarctic climate, the volcanic landforms are overprinted by the 446 glaciers. This research focuses on the 1st Mutnaya catchment which drains the southern slopes of two active volcanoes: Avachinsky and Koryaksky. Those volcanoes are a permanent threat for the cities of Petropavlovsk and Elizovo, which are the 2 of 3 cities of the peninsula. Hence, most of the studies carried out in the area dealt with the natural hazards and only few focus on landscape evolution. Thus, the purpose of this study was to elaborate a cartographic approach which integrates classic geomorphology with state of the art GIS and remote sensing techniques. As result, different landforms and related processes have been analysed and included in the first general geomorphologic map of the 1st Mutnaya catchment. [ DOI ]

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