Preparation of PtcoreAgshell nanoparticles: Catalytic reduction of Ag+ ions by hydrogenстатья

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[1] Preparation of ptcoreagshell nanoparticles: Catalytic reduction of ag+ ions by hydrogen / B. G. Ershov, E. V. Abkhalimov, V. V. Vysotskii, V. I. Roldughin // Colloid Journal. — 2010. — Vol. 72, no. 2. — P. 177–182. It is shown that the saturation of an aqueous solution containing silver ions with hydrogen in the presence of 9.5-nm platinum nanoparticles leads to the reduction of silver and the formation of PtcoreAgshell bimetal nanoparticles. An increase in the concentration of silver ions gives rise to a number of elementary silver layers that cover the platinum core. It is established that the concentration of silver ions does not substantially affect the rate of the formation of a silver shell on the surface of platinum nanoparticles. [ DOI ]

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