Outlooks for Building Solar Charging Infrastructure for Self-propelled Electric Vehiclesстатья

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[1] Shilova L., Solovyev D., Adamtsevich A. Outlooks for building solar charging infrastructure for self-propelled electric vehicles // International Scientific Conference Energy Management of Municipal Transportation Facilities and Transport EMMFT 2017. — Vol. 692 of Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. — Springer International Publishing, 2017. — P. 1–1388. The article examines key issues and outlooks for use of recharging photovoltaic stations (PVS) by recharging infrastructure for electric self-propelled vehicles, to be created in Russia. Methodical justification of the use of charging PVS are presented according to the studies of different options for the development of power supply to consumers which are isolated from power systems, including consumers from the remote regions of the Russian Federation. It offers a methodology to design pilot algorithms to validate use of PVS in the electric vehicle recharging infrastructure to be created in some Russian regions; it is used as basis to analyze the potential of different regions for PVS implementation in the electric vehicle recharging infrastructure. Different approaches are analyzed, and the obtained results allow optimizing the operation and efficiency of the PVS charging taking into account the reduction of environmental impact. The results of the research work allow us to conclude that there is a great potential for using solar energy resources in Russia. [ DOI ]

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