The Features of TKE and FMR in Nanocomposite-Semiconductor Multilayersстатья

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[1] The features of tke and fmr in nanocomposite-semiconductor multilayers / V. Buravtsova, E. Gan’shina, E. Lebedeva et al. // Solid State Phenomena. — 2011. — Vol. 168. — P. 533–536. Magnetic and magneto-optical properties of multilayers based on the (Co45Fe45Zr10)Z(Al2O3)100-Z composite and amorphous hydrogenated silicon with various thicknesses both of magnetic and semiconductor layers have been investigated. The nonlinear dependence of magnetic and MO characteristics of the nanostructures on the thickness of layers was found. The interface formed on the boundary of two phases (the ferromagnetic granules and the semiconductor ones) strongly influences the magnetic and MO properties of the structures with thin Si layers. [ DOI ]

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