Photonics of 2D gold nanolayers on sapphire surfaceстатья

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[1] Photonics of 2d gold nanolayers on sapphire surface / A. E. Muslimov, A. V. Butashin, B. V. Nabatov et al. // Crysallography Reports. — 2017. — Vol. 62, no. 2. — P. 300–308. Gold layers with thicknesses of up to several nanometers, including ordered and disordered 2D nanostructures of gold particles, have been formed on sapphire substrates; their morphology is described; and optical investigations are carried out. The possibility of increasing the accuracy of predicting the optical properties of gold layers and 2D nanostructures using quantum-mechanical models based on functional density theory calculation techniques is considered. The application potential of the obtained materials in photonics is estimated. [ DOI ]

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